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Skinvestment - Complaints Procedure

At Skinvestment, we are committed to providing high-quality medical aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology services. We understand, however, that there may be times when you feel that the level of service or care did not meet your expectations. This document outlines our procedure for handling complaints in accordance with the guidelines set by the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK.


Step 1: Raising Your Complaint

How to Make a Complaint: If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we encourage you to bring this to our attention as soon as possible. Complaints can be made verbally to any of our staff members or in writing.
Time Frame: Ideally, complaints should be made within a few days of the incident to ensure that the details are clear and the matter can be addressed promptly.

Step 2: Acknowledgement

Response Time: We will acknowledge your complaint within two working days of receiving it.
Communication: We will provide you with the name and contact details of the person handling your complaint.

Step 3: Investigation

Process: Your complaint will be investigated thoroughly and impartially. This may involve reviewing your treatment records, speaking with the staff involved, and examining the circumstances of your complaint.
Time Frame: We aim to complete investigations within 20 working days. If the investigation is likely to take longer, we will keep you informed of the progress.

Step 4: Resolution and Response

Outcome Communication: Once the investigation is complete, we will provide you with a detailed written response. This will include an explanation of how the complaint was considered, the conclusions reached, and any actions taken as a result.
Actions Taken: If your complaint is upheld, we will offer a clear apology and, where appropriate, remedies or corrective actions to prevent a recurrence.

Step 5: Further Steps

Escalation: If you are not satisfied with the outcome or handling of your complaint, you can escalate the matter. We will provide information on how to do this, which may include contacting professional bodies such as the GMC.
External Advice: You may also seek advice from independent bodies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or patient advocacy services.


Privacy Assurance: All complaints will be handled with strict confidentiality and in accordance with data protection laws. Your care will not be affected in any way by making a complaint.

Monitoring and Learning
Improvement Commitment: We are committed to learning from complaints to improve our services. We regularly review complaints and outcomes as part of our quality improvement process.

Contact Information

Complaints Officer: Dr Gemma Wormwell
Clinic Address: Skinvestment, The Bungalow, Nuttall Park, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9LU

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