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Skinvestment's Initial Consultation: Your First Step with a Leading Skin Specialist

At Skinvestment, we understand that the journey to radiant skin begins with a single step: a comprehensive consultation. Nestled in the heart of Ramsbottom, Bury, our clinic, led by the distinguished Dr Gemma, offers an unparalleled experience in cosmetic dermatology.

During the 90 minute appointment...

...a full history of your skin concerns will be taken.


A skin analysis using the very latest technology will provide detailed photographs of the deeper layers of your skin.


Based on the information gathered, you will receive:

  • Tailored lifestyle advice,

  • A customised treatment plan

  • A facial using the suggested products,

  • A thorough report that includes the captured skin images and our recommendations,

  • A 10% discount coupon for your initial purchase. You can redeem this either during the consultation or within the subsequent two weeks, ensuring you don't feel rushed to decide.


Skin Specialist

Why Choose Skinvestment for Your Initial Consultation?

  • Evidence-Based Approach: Our recommendations aren't just words; they're backed by science and Dr Gemma's extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology.

  • Innovative Technology: The Observ 520x technology sets us apart, offering insights into the skin that are both deep and actionable.

  • Personalised Care: At Skinvestment, every consultation is a step in crafting a bespoke skin journey tailored to your needs and budget.

Embark on Your Skin Transformation Journey Today

  • Ready to unveil the mysteries of your skin? Schedule your initial consultation with Dr Gemma. Dive deep into the world of advanced skincare and witness the transformative power of expert care.

  • For those keen on exploring our range of treatments or have specific queries, discover our services or contact our dedicated team. Your path to luminous skin is just a step away!

Skin Analysis

All products and services can be booked online for your convenience, and the 10% discount can be used online too!

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