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Add-on LED Light Therapy (30 minutes)

Add Treatment to a Facial

  • 30 min
  • 30 British pounds
  • Ramsbottom

Service Description

LED Light Therapy can be added to any other facials, to boost the effects! LED Light and Heating panels boost local blood circulation, which brings more healing nutrients to the area while promoting a detoxifying sweat. LED Light therapy also causes the release of ATP or raw cellular energy. This provides energy to the cells to make the most of the additional blood, oxygen, nutrients, detoxification, growth, and repair. * Pain-free treatment. * No irritation or downtime. * Great treatment for all skin types and ages. * Helps to firm sagging skin. * Healthy skin glow. * Fights acne and prone skin. * Decreases pore sizes. * Evens skin tone. * Supports skin immune response. * Improvement of skin condition. * Decreases fine lines and wrinkles. * Brightens skin. Red – helps eliminate wrinkles and stimulate the production of new collagen to lift up and tone the skin. This treatment improves local blood flow and skin oxygenation as it increases the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. The new collagen and elastin help to smooth and plump-out the skin. This treatment also helps to reduce the effects of ageing on the skin, giving a more youthful appearance. Yellow - helps to reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness on the face including rosacea condition with broken capillaries and spider veins. Yellow light is often used for the treatment of sunburns and other types of burns. Green - an excellent wavelength for hyperpigmentation treatment. As it is absorbed by the melanin-producing cells of the skin, green light helps to slow down the melanin production. Systematic use of green light can help to break up excess melanin collections. Green light is known to have a highly calming effect on the skin. Blue – is one of the most popular wavelengths due to its anti-inflammatory features. Blue Light Therapy has proven to have highly powerful bacteria-fighting properties. As it helps to kill P. acnes, one of the primary acne-causing bacteria, the blue light therapy can be a very effective treatment for mild to moderate acne conditions. Purple – helps to boost oxygenation of the epidermis, it improves even skin colour, soothes the skin after abrasive treatments. It also helps to shrink pores and normalise a sebum-production. Cyan-Light Blue – can help to bring vitality back to dull skin. It also helps to bring a healthy, youthful skin glow. Cycle Mode - The combined mode when all the colours repeat systematically.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us with at least 24 hours notice and you will not incur any cancellation fees.

Contact Details

  • Skinvestment, Ramsbottom, Bury, UK

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