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Acne and Scarring

Acne is a common skin condition, causing blackheads, white heads and red spots on the face as well as the chest and upper back. Although most people think acne only affects teenagers, it affects many people throughout their adult life, with 64% affected in their 20s, 43% affected in their 30s, and 5% affected into and past their 40s. It is never too late to get treatment!

All treatment starts with an initial consultation with Dr Gemma. During this she will discuss how skincare, nutritional supplements and in-clinic treatments can help you. To feel more relaxed and pampered, we recommend the Acne Express Facial. However, if your skin feels congested, the Blue Radiance Peel is the perfect way to exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. LED Light Therapy utilites blue light wavelengths to kill the acne causing bacteria P. acne. This treatment can also be used as an Add-On to the Acne Express Facial and the Blue Radiance Peel.

Once your acne is controlled, any scarring can then be treated with Blue Radiance Peel, Microneedling and Polynucleotides.

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