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Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

Pigmentation of the skin is controlled by specific cells in the skin called melanocytes. These cells can be over stimulated by UV damage and certain medications. The body's own immune system, and hormonal changes can also cause increased pigmentation. With our help and the use of key prescription ingredients you can control the areas of pigmentation.

All treatment starts with an initial consultation with Dr Gemma. During this she will discuss how skincare, nutritional supplements and in-clinic treatments can help you. For a relaxing and pampering treatment the Antioxidant Force Field Facial is a great treatment. Microneedling is great to rejuvenate the skin and break up stubborn pigmentation. Skin Boosters and Polynucleotides are injected into the skin to really boost results. Or take advantage of the Ultimate Microneedling Package which combines microneedling and Skin Boosters. LED Light Therapy utilites green and purple light wavelengths to boost collagen production, giving a radiant plumping to the skin. This treatment can also be used as an Add-On to the other treatments.

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